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👋 I'm Luis Colin, a purpose-driven design and technology leader addressing human, societal and systemic challenges; and bringing new technologies, business and design together to solve them.

As a designer, strategist and technologist, I support teams with strategies, methodologies and tools that elevate human potential and guide them through change – behavioural, organisational, technological, and systemic – following inclusive and ethical principles. All to enable the creation of advanced systems, devices, services, and products that work for people and respect the environment.

What I do to help organisations

  • Help businesses – new ventures, middle and large organisations – discover opportunities by understanding human behaviours and their relationship with systems, technology and people.
  • Provide with purpose and intent to transformational change by fostering a people focused approach, helping redefine organisational and business strategies that aim profitable and sustainable growth.
  • Identify and craft the experience vision that guides multidisciplinary teams and help define value proposition, value chain and value mechanisms, all supported by comprehensive research activities that provide us with evidence for direction.
  • Discover people's needs, define the problem space, identify the most critical challenges to address and translate them into opportunities for the business to create competitive advantage.

  • Set up creative spaces to enable the exploration of novel solutions – through conceptualisation and different levels of prototyping and evaluations – that solve the most critical problems identified.
  • Enable multidisciplinary teams to collaborate, foster community building, mentor and coach, and contribute to advancing the practice of design and research.

Who I have worked with

Using design as a strategic driver and partner, I have elevated performance and profitability through expert alignment of business strategy, human-centred design, and computational design. I have helped organisations develop and launch new systems, products and services in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, tackling challenges in industries such as Healthcare, Automotive, Electronics, Telecommunications, eCommerce, Financial Services, and Computer Software.

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