👋 I'm Luis, a purpose-driven leader developing interactive technology and advanced computational tools. With over 15 years of experience in engineering, design, and business, I bring a unique blend of skills and perspectives to solve complex problems in socio-technical contexts.

My journey in the realm of technology has led me to a unique intersection where humans and machines converge. I work at the forefront of designing seamless and meaningful interactions between humans, computers, and the physical world. From designing intuitive user interfaces to developing advanced systems, I'm dedicated to crafting solutions that bridge the gap between humans and systems to create more natural experiences.

What I do to help organisations

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, organisations need to adapt and innovate to stay competitive. My guidance offers a fresh perspective on how to navigate these changes. By combining my knowledge of human behaviour, technology, and design, I provide valuable insights that drive positive change and transformation within organisations.

I understand the importance of inclusive and ethical practices, ensuring that the solutions we create are accessible to all and aligned with ethical standards.

Some of my main contributions to organisations are:
  • Help businesses unlock new avenues for growth and progress.
  • Build teams and equip them with innovative strategies, methodologies, and tools to advance their practices.

  • Guide teams through the discovery and framing of critical problems, and the identification of opportunities to solve them.
  • Set up creative spaces to facilitate the exploration of novel technological solutions.
  • Architecture computational systems and design the interaction between humans and them.

Who I have worked with

As a strategic driver and partner, I have elevated performance and profitability by helping organisations develop and launch new systems, products and services across diverse global markets. I have played pivotal role in success stories across Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, tackling challenges in industries such as Healthcare, Automotive, Electronics, Telecommunications, eCommerce, Financial Services, and Computer Software.

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